Dana received a bachelors degree in Industrial Design after completing the 5 year intern based program at the University of Cincinnati. He received an Industrial Design Society of America Student Merit Award for his work. 


10 years in various roles at West Coast consulting firms Astro Studios and Teague Associates brought exposure to eclectic projects and diverse brands. Media Streamers to medical apparel, but with a bias towards programs with a dependence on cultural relevance.  His consulting experience culminated in the establishment of forward looking lifestyle brand, Minus-8.

In House

In his current role as Creative Director for Hardware Design at Sonos, Dana is leading a group comprised of Industrial Design, CAD sculpting, CMF, and Packaging specialists. Balancing his experience in consulting,This work centers on a very focused portfolio of products that deliver a cohesive customer experience and requires a deep understanding of how Design integrates with Brand, Product management, engineering, and supply chain.  In addition to the Core portfolio, Dana directs special edition programs with artists and partner brands.

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